Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pretty as a Picture

With a combined population of about 37,000 people, Plymouth, MI and Plymouth Township represent about 1.2% of population of the United States of America.  It can be assumed, then, that most people don't know much about it.  This blog exists to rectify that.

After all, Plymouth is one of Metro Detroit's favored areas to live.  It's quite, well maintained, and is close enough to all the major expressways that one can get from home to work rather quickly.

One of the best part about living in either the Township or the city proper is that by-and-large, Plymouth homes are extremely well kept.  People have a lot of pride of ownership here.  That being the case, the purpose of this blog is to highlight just how nice some of these homes can really be.  We'll do so by posting up pictures of them here.

We'll kick off the tradition with a picture of 49048 Woodway Drive.  This is one of the homes in Plymouth listed for sale on September 8th.  As it is really quite an appealing home with a lot to offer in both form and function, it's unlikely that this home will be available for sale for long.  With the way the market is right now, it will probably only be for a short while.

The main picture can be found above, and a few more are below.

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